“No Shortcut to Success: A Manifesto for Modern Missions” by Matt Rhodes

This is one of the very few full-length book responses to church planting movements. Matt Rhodes critiques CPM and DMM in Chapter 3—and if you're only looking for critique, you only need to read that chapter. The book, however, is not merely a critique; it positively advocates for professionalism in missions. This includes learning to be ambassadors…


The Defend and Confirm Podcast Interviews Radius President Brooks Buser

Brooks Buser is the president of Radius International and a vocal critic of CPM and DMM. In this episode of the Defend and Confirm Podcast, co-hosts Sean DeMars and Russell Berger ask Brooks the following questions (paraphrased): Brooks, tell us a little about who you are and what you do.What does training missionaries at Radius look like?Have…

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“Obedience-Based Discipleship: Is It Biblical?” on the Defend and Confirm Podcast (Episode 63):

In this episode of the Defend and Confirm podcast, Sean and Russell critique obedience-based discipleship. Key points include: Obedience before conversion isn't possible. Only regenerate people can obey.Obedience before conversion results in nominalism and false conversions.The priority is on "doing" rather than knowing or believing. This is unbiblical. Theological consideration: when were the disciples converted? Did Jesus…


“Is ‘Obedience-Based Discipleship’ Biblical?” by Alex Kocman

In this article, Alex Kocman, Director of Advancement and Communications for ABWE, critiques obedience-based discipleship (OBD). In it, Kocman affirms the importance of obedience but takes issue with OBD because it conflates law with the gospel, separates discipleship from conversion, and means that the unconverted may still be obedient disciples—among other issues. Read it here.


“Disciple Making Movements” by Robert Kelbe

Robert Kelbe critiques disciple-making movements from the perspective of a Reformed Presbyterian. He does so using the outline of the seven elements of disciple-making movements as found in David and Paul Watson's book Contagious Disciple Making (2014, Thomas Nelson). Kelbe concludes: "As Reformed Presbyterians, we might rather have to sacrifice explosive growth on the altar of Biblical…


Book Review of Steve Addison’s “The Rise and Fall of Movements” (by Caleb Morell)

Caleb Morell, currently the Senior Pastoral Assistant for Research at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., reviewed Steve Addison's 2019 book, The Rise and Fall of Movements: A Roadmap for Leaders (100Movements Publishing). Morell takes issue with several DMM elements featured in Addison's book, including obedience-based discipleship, definition of church (or lack thereof), and Discovery Bible…


“Are Explosive Disciple-Making Movements Really Healthy?” An Interview with Zane Pratt on The Missions Podcast

The Missions Podcast co-hosts Alex Kocman and Scott Dunford interview IMB Vice President for Global Training Zane Pratt. The interview addressed disciple-making movements (DMM), syncretism, and obedience-based discipleship. Questions included: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your ministry.What is a disciple-making movement?What about the Great Commission's inclusion of teaching?Why is it important to discuss disciple-making…


“A Brief Guide to DMM” by Chad Vegas

Chad Vegas' A Brief Guide to DMM has been one of the most popular critiques of DMM. Propempo International called it the "best critique of DMM to date." Vegas is the pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Bakersfield, CA and the chairman of the board of Radius International. His DMM critique was originally posted on the Radius…