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“A Brief Guide to DMM” by Chad Vegas

Chad Vegas’ A Brief Guide to DMM has been one of the most popular critiques of DMM. Propempo International called it the “best critique of DMM to date.” Vegas is the pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Bakersfield, CA and the chairman of the board of Radius International. His DMM critique was originally posted on the Radius International website in June 2018. In it, he critiques Discovery Bible Studies, Obedience-Based Discipleship, and the methodology of finding persons of peace. Two months after this critique was posted, Brigada, which is edited by Doug Louis of Team Expansion, a DMM-focused missions organization, issued a call for a response to Vegas’ article. The response was written by Ken Guenther of SEND International and posted on the Brigada website in September. The staff at Radius international then followed up with a response to Guenther’s critique.

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