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“Trends in Missions, a Panel Discussion” from The Mission Podcast

This panel discussion between ABWE and Radius International took place at Bethlemen Baptist Church in June 2021. Both organizations have been openly critical of CPM and DMM. Panelists included Chad Vegas, Brad Buser, and Wayne Chen from Radius International, and Paul Davis, Alex Kocman, and Scott Dunford of ABWE. Questions for the panelists included the following (paraphrased):

  • What do you think the next generation needs to rediscover in missions?
  • What trends in missions would missions pastors be shocked or surprised to hear about?
  • How did we get to where we are in missions today, which includes insider movements and teaching unbelievers to obey God’s law?
  • What are you seeing around the world that would encourage our hearts?
  • How essential is it to teach missionaries what a local church is?
  • How can pastors engage more in missions and better equip missionaries?

This panel discussion covered more ground than CPM-related topics, but it did include topics related to the definition of a church, the definition of conversion, and the reasons for dangerous contemporary missions practices. The second, third, and fifth questions touched considerably on CPM practices.

Listen to it here.

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