You are currently viewing “Person of Peace Methodology in Church Planting” by A. Matthews

“Person of Peace Methodology in Church Planting” by A. Matthews

A. Matthews (DMin, Asbury) raises questions about the CPM/DMM methodology of finding persons of peace. Matthews discusses definitions of persons of peace, addresses prescriptive/descriptive hermeneutical issues, and argues that Luke 10 and Matthew 10 and finding persons of peace are not missionary methods we should be employing. He suggests the alternative of looking for “fertile soil,” which “does not carry some of the limitations that ‘person of peace’ terminology does” (p. 197).

This article requires a subscription to Missiology: An International Review, which is hosted by SAGE. It’s cheaper, however, to join the American Society of Missiology, which includes digital access to Missiology for $30 a year.

Matthews, A. “Person of Peace Methodology in Church Planting: A Critical Analysis.” Missiology: An International Review 47, no. 2 (2019): 187–199.d

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