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“Exposing and Fixing Pragmatism in Movements” on The Missions Podcast

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In June 2021, The Missions Podcast interviewed an anonymous missionary who serves in Southeast Asia about what he has witnessed regarding movement practices in his own organization. This podcast addressed pragmatism, relationships with other missionaries, and insider movements among others. The questions included (paraphrased):

  • Tell us a little about who you are, where you are serving, and what your ministry looks like currently.
  • What’s your perspective on all of the stories about Muslims coming to Christ in a way that has never been seen before?
  • Is this [negative] situation that you just described an isolated event or more widespread?
  • Did you see anything that was approaching insider movements in your experience?
  • How do you recommend handling issues with teammates regarding conflict over issues such as insider movements?
  • What drives these pragmatic, rapid reproduction methodologies?
  • What are some of the better methods you’ve seen firsthand?
  • How would you help pastors develop their missiology and philosophy in these areas [DMM, etc.]?
  • What would be a final loving word that you would give to people who are practicing these methods?

Listen here.

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