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How Many CPM Critics Can You Name?

Here is a table of CPM proponents and critics. A number of proponents have best-selling books to their names, but many of the critics are rather obscure. Note that critics are not necessarily against church planting movements, but that they have written or spoken critically about certain elements or methodologies. To add names to this list, please get in contact.

Proponents (alphabetical)Critics (alphabetical)
Steve Addison
Robby Butler
R. Bruce Carlton
Dave Coles
Ted Esler
Warrick Farah
David Garrison
Kevin Greeson
Brian Hogan
Justin Long
Doug Lucas
Alan Hirsch
Neill Mims
Roy Moran
James Nyman
Frederick Osborn
Stan Parks
Emanuel Prinz
Frank Schattner
Curtis Sergeant
Bill Smith
Steve Smith
Glenn Sunshine
Jerry Trousdale
David Watson
Paul Watson
Rick Wood
Russell Berger
Brooks Buser
Sean DeMars
Mark Dever
Scott Dunford
Andy Johnson
Alex Kocman
Hoyt Lovelace
John D. Massey
Caleb Morell
Zane Pratt
Matt Rhodes
David Sills
George Terry
Mark Terry
Chad Vegas
Jackson Wu

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